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Corrosion Pa Hamnspont, Cast Crowned Beam


Steel pontoon in quay Initially, it is possible to stop or delay the progress of corrosion on both new and older protective objects. Steel pontoons in berths are effectively protected by cathodic corrosion protection. On the west coast and in the Baltic, sacrificial anodes are usually used. North of Gävle, corrosion protection with applied current…

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Hybrid Corrosion Protection Systems for Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Hybrid Corrosion Protection

Many reinforced concrete structures suffer from corrosion damage. Causes include salt ingress due to the application of de-icing salts during winter maintenance, exposure to marine environments and carbonation of the concrete. TRADITIONAL CORROSION PREVENTION METHODS FOR CONCRETE Corrosion is an electrochemical process and as such the use of electrochemical technology treatments has been very popular.…

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