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What is pin brazing and why is it more benefitial than standard cad welding?

Pin brazing is a hassle free, safe method for conducting electrical connections to objects of steel and ductile iron pipelines. If the object is to be cathodically protected or earthed, the pin brazing method god sent gift from above.

Pin brazing was invented back inte the 1950’s and have ever since been the nr.1 choice for attaching cables and earthing metal objects within the cathodic protection industry.

Not only do you keep the metal from changing metalurgical properties, its way faster and more safe aswell. The pin brazing method let you do the brazing in basically any weather and requires very little training for the person who is doing the work. Usually 1 hour is sufficient.

The pin brazing technique is based on electric-arc silver soldering. The special made pin brazing unit is extremely lightweight for being welding equipment.

When you press the trigger of the pin brazing gun, you complete a electrical circuit where DC current is released. This resaults in melting the flux within the brazing pin and making the connecting between the two metal objects complete.

When brazing you rarely surpass 650 degrees, this means you probably wont affect the metal as much as you would have done with regular welding methods like CAD welding.

Here is a short video on how the pin brazing would actually look like out in the fild :

The pin brazing process takes about 1-2 seconds to complete, when the gun has finished its job of completing the circiut , its usually mechanically or electrically broken and you are left with a homogenous connection between two metal objects.

This method is perfectly suited for the following areas :

  • insulated pipe sections ( joints )
  • Connection of measuring cables
  • Installation of sacrificial anodes
  • Bonding zinc bracelets to subsea pipelines ( primarly on pipelaying vessels )

The cathodic protection industry, and we ourselfs have always considered Pin brazing to be the most versitile and safe method to do cable connections .

You can see our Pin brazing equipment here